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Certificate IV in Training and Assessment - TAE-40110

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Skills Recognition for the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment - TAE40110

Crossbow Consultancy has a range of resources that can assist you in developing an evidence portfolio to demonstrate your current skill level. Most of these resources are available for immediate download (passwords required):

Click below to download the checklists and templates that will assist you towards gaining skills recognition:

  1. Guide to Gathering Evidence - this briefing guide assists you in preparing your evidence portfolio.
  2. Application/Registration - this is the application form for skills recognition, self-paced study or to attend a training course. After reading the Guide, apply online and submit to Crossbow.
  3. Portfolio of Evidence - This document will be mailed or delivered to you from Crossbow.
  4. Short Answer Quiz - These quizzes (online) test required knowledge and must be completed by all applicants. These are also available to be completed other than online, where facilities may restrict the use of the internet.
  5. Resume - Additional information for Skills Recognition. You may use this or provide your own prepared CV or resume.
  6. Glossary - for all that jargon!

So what should you do now?

Read the Guide to gain an overview of the requirements. In conjunction with the Portfolio of Evidence, decide what units you will apply for then submit the online registration to Crossbow. When received, conduct a self-assessment using the Portfolio of Evidence (encompassing all points within the 'Self-Assess' columns).

Have your Supervisor/Line Manager, or similar, complete any third party reports as applicable or called for by your Assessor. Ensure you complete the Short Answer quizzes, as directed. You will most likely require to use the supporting workbooks (Point 4 above).

After completing the above actions, call or email Crossbow to arrange for an Assessor to visit your workplace to verify your evidence.

Please Note: If your evidence is not sufficient you may be required to do one, or more, of the following:

  • provide more evidence at a later time
  • complete workplace assignments set by Crossbow
  • complete a whole unit of training, either through face-to-face training or through flexible, self-paced or online training.

This will be discussed with you at the time of the assessment.

You must also remember that the evidence you provide for the Certificate must demonstrate your experience covers a range of different contexts, goes over a period of time and is shown on multiple occasions (not one-off training or assessment experience).


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Do you need to upgrade your older qualifications from the Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training - BSZ40198 to the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment - TAE40110?

Upon registration, advice of your username and password and payment/part payment you will gain access to the online upgrade materials.


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